Monday, April 4, 2011

gardening help...

Since we bought the house in September we are just discovering the flora and fauna...  This is about the flora part.  This bush bloomed last week and we were shocked to see the color as we drove into the driveway last weekend...  We are not "the gardeners" people...  We have no idea what kind of bush this is...and we know it needs to be trimmed back, but we have no idea when... now? this fall?  And please click to make the photo larger and see to the right of that bush there is yet another one in a pinkish red color...Is it the same kind of bush? in a different color? Or a different kind of bush? 





jenshowme said...

The yellow bush is forsythia. It is such an early welcome to spring. If you are not happy with its size, I believe you prune it right after it blooms so that you will have blossoms next year. You can start new bushes if you want more by taking a cutting. You can also start another plant by placing a brick on a lower branch and it should take root--then cut the rooted branch off and let the rooted end continue to grow for a while on its own before transplanting.

jenshowme said...

The other flowering bush is probably flowering quince--it is pretty but it does spread by sending up shoots around the bush. After the flowers are gone it is just a nice green bush with some throns and might produce a fruit which isn't for eating but I don't think it is poison. The leaves have a waxy shine.

Karen said...

The author posting first was entirely correct. Forsythias are very hardy bushes...don't have one at this home, but I've had them in the past.

My grandmother had flowering quince bushes and I always loved them. Like the forsythia, they are quite hardy and do spread.



Pat said...

I see others have beat me to the punch about the forsythia. I'm not familiar with quince. With forsythia, though, you really can't do much to harm it and it will fill in and get bigger. I love it as one of the early signs of spring. People who do yardwork as a career say that when the forsythia bloom, they know it's time to put the "crabgrass halt" stuff on the lawn...or something like that!

Linda said...

What a beautiful forsythia! When you prune it, prune at the bottom to take out the older woody stems....don't just shear off the top. The beautiful arching stems are what make this plant spectacular when blooming!

Jean said...

Hey Nancy... beautiful flora/fawna.
Seems everyone has said anything I planned to say... nice when the colors just surprise you like that isn't it? It sure is lovely.
Soooo have you found any other bulb type flowers popping up any where else? I can imagine that you will find all sorts of things to look at.
That was great about the fox getting your little pest... although, if there is a fox... I hope that it won't go after the cats. Although, the cats are probably too quick and can climb trees to get away. Your going to have all sorts of fun this summer.
Say, do you know if your pond has fish?
Have fun...