Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a new visitor...

We had a visitor a couple of days ago... He came in unannounced, stayed a few minutes and promptly took off...  We were very excited to get a photo of him....

Rich was pretty sure that this is a Bobcat...  He sent a photo off to our local conservation agent and sure enough..

Yes, I do think it's a bobcat.  It appears to have the distinctive color 
pattern of a bobcat.  You would need to go out to the site and measure the 
salt block to compare measurements.  Bobcats are larger than domestic cats,\
 have proportionately longer legs, and a much shorter tail. 
 The total length of a bobcat ranges from
 22 1/2 inches to 50 inches and weight is 10-40 lbs.
 Males are somewhat larger than females.

Wildlife Management Biologist
Missouri Department of Conservation
Prairie Fork Conservation Area

We also had three deer visit us yesterday...They walked in and laid down in the trees behind the pond and stayed for quite a while...  Three ducks landed on the pond....and there are carp coming to the surface to feed...

Spring is definitely here...