Monday, January 31, 2011

window trim and the reveal of the bathroom floor...

I am kind of liking the list thing.  It's nice to sit down to lunch and look at how much we have accomplished on a certain morning....and it's a great way for us not to forget we have to touch up the living room paint...which we can't see behind the make shift kitchen table.

This list was for Friday evening through Monday...Rich took Monday off and we hoped to get the bathroom completely done.  More on that later...

To do Jan 29-31

Replace sockets in master bedroom. Done
Lay tile in bathroom   Done
Grout tile in bathroom. Done
Install vanity
Install toilet
Paint trim. Done
Paint windows. Done
Second coat trim. Done
Second coat windows. Done
Paint kitchen door. Done
Second coat kitchen door. Done
Third coat kitchen door. Done 
Paint trim on basement/laundry doors
Second coat on basement/laundry doors
Install window casing. Partially done
Install baseboard in bathroom
Install cover plates.   Partially done. 
Paint touch up in living room. Done
First coat Kitchen window   Done
Second coat kitchen window. done
Third coat kitchen window. Done
I subscribed a while back to a blog all about kitchens... Of all the hints I got this was the best.  If you have white kitchen cabinets, take a door or piece of trim and have it color matched for trim paint.  There are millions of different colors of white...  I did just that.  I think the paint guy thought I was nuts when I asked him to color match a piece of white trim, but he did it.. so all my window trim, doors, door trim, baseboards and well anything white will all match the cabinets.   
window trim on left, baseboard on right

tools for tiling...

mark off 2 ft across and lay thin set

half done

tile all has to dry for 24 hours now

 So on to other projects.. 
3 coats of paint

This is only 2 coats and you can still see the blue, it has a third coat now and may need a fourth.. Everything in the kitchen that wasn't wall papered was painted this ugly blue...

crown molding with 2 was also blue.  Through the doorway is what will become the dining room. Its the work shop right now.
Counter tops were delivered Saturday afternoon

They had to bring the longest one in through the back hallway window.. It wouldn't fit around the corner through either front door... They are dark gray with lighter gray marbling..very pretty and if you click on the photo you will see puppy tracks... dang dog..  Did you notice the bump out?  That will go under those 3 lights in the kitchen... and there is the ugly blue paint again...on the back door..
trim added to bedroom window..

Cooter, the neighbor dog..

And this is Tripod... look real closely and you will see how he got his's kind of hard to see there in the snow..but he only has one back leg.  You should see him pee.  He lifts his only remaining back leg..  He was left by the previous owner.  He gets fed by our next door neighbor and the owner is supposed to come get him "someday".  I wouldn't put any money on it.
 Lets see what else we got done..

 Oh yea...Nothing!!  We started checking the weather reports Sunday morning and we were under a Winter Weather Warning from Monday am to Wednesday noon. So we left Sunday afternoon and drove home.  We agreed that if there wasn't anything on the ground Monday at 6am, we would leave and work until it got bad.  We drove to Lowe's and bought more window trim to paint and we were out of blue painters tape.  Got McDonald's for breakfast and about 20 miles from the house it started raining.  By the time we got to the house it was freezing on the truck and looked bad.  We unloaded, sprayed sealer on the bathroom tile (it has to dry 24 hours before we can do anything else in there) and left.  It got pretty bad on the way home and we saw right around 15-20 cars that had slid off the highway.  We got home safe and now it's sleeting here.  We are supposed to get around 12-18 inches of snow in the next 48 hours... 
So next weekend we have to install the vanity, the toilet and the baseboards... Paint more window trim and install it...and that wonderful brother-in-law is coming out Sunday to help install those counter tops.   Saturday there is a birthday party for a certain Granddaughter that is turning 3.. Hope I can get out to shop..


Karen said...

Hi Nancy, your home looks lovely...what a change from what it was before! You are working wonders and it will be SO worth it!

Glad you decided to head home....the predicted storm could be a bad one.

Take care!


Jean said...

So really.... do you two hire out?
You get more done in a day than I can list... It's looking great!
Now was it your dog or someone else's that put the doggie prints on the counter tops? The one is excusable... not the other! Such a shame when people think that animals are no big deal and they can just forget about them!
Take care and keep warm!

Tangos Treasures said...

Awesome! Looking great!

Lorraine said...

Love those tiles.....and nice to see you are working on getting rid of the blue's all coming along well isn't it...that's because I am just reading about it ...not having to actually do it...I am a list person....gotta have a list!

Gari said...

Once again I am tired just reading what you have gotten done. I think you got all that snow/ice just so you could take some time off. But your house is really looking good.