Monday, January 10, 2011

Bathroom revisited...

This weekend was kind of slow...  I had a  Modern Quilt Guild meeting Saturday morning and by the time I got to the house hubby had built a wall and started on the wiring...

I know...The wall is on the wrong side of the shower head.  There is a good reason..keep reading.
original wiring found behind drywall
what the wiring looks like now..
So let's go back and look at the first photo again.  Before hubby started knocking down the old drywall, we had resigned ourselves to a bathroom in the hall with a large shower, toilet and sink.  It would be our only shower as the master bathroom is very awkward with no tub and the shower was added later and is about the size of a dime and located in a weird place. . I will show photos later..and you will understand more. There will only be the two of us living there...and he showers at night and I in the morning.  It would work.  THEN...the drywall came down and a light bulb went off.  The master bath is located right behind this bathroom.  Like right behind that wall..  SO...we stopped and thought... and went downstairs and looked at all the plumbing and guess what?  We moved the wall only 20 inches but we will now have a hall bathroom with a sink and toilet...that's it.  AND in our master bathroom we will gain 20 inches...but more importantly we gain a large shower, toilet and big vanity..and if we measured correctly we will have room for a small linen closet...score!!  oh....almost forgot to mention that we will have to move the bathroom door about 30 inches to the left...which means more drywall coming down, more drywall going up, some mudding, taping and repainting...but it will be worth it for a great master bathroom.

So the hall bathroom becomes 5ft by 6ft..

It now has new wiring, a new exhaust fan,  the start of new drywall, the vanity and sink are purchased and the lighting went up...

the cardboard covers the attic access until we have it finished.

What?  You don't like the "modern" looking light fixtures...I know they look crooked...but really THEY ARE!!  We found the light fixtures at our local Habitat ReStore for only $5 each.  A great deal, but they didn't have the proper mounting strips so they are up that way until this weekend when we can put them up with the right mounting hardware...  OH...and that board hanging above them is now gone...along with the old light fixture and sink that went home with our daughter...who paid us back by coming by on Sunday and helping..

this is the first photo I took..

she said "at least let me pose!!"

She put the second coat of paint on the back bedroom while I helped hubby in the bathroom...  Thanks Kristin!  It looks great!
And I kept the most exciting news for last...

This is the ugly living room fan.   We were really pissed to find out that the only way to turn on and off this light/fan was by those chains hanging down...  No light switch..  Gah!  I do not want the only overhead light in the living room to be operated by a chain...  While hubby had all the drywall out, he peeked into the attic and found the live wire...

and pulled it down into the wall

and added a switch..

to the living room wall!!  I didn't get a final photo, but the switch is now mounted inside the box.  By moi!  And so we can now turn the light on and off by a switch.. you have no idea how exciting it was to turn on and off the switch and say "hey, look...I turned the light on".

We I have decided on the floor, wall color and mirror...but will let you be surprised..


Tangos Treasures said...

Gosh you are really moving along! It's looking really great!

Judy D said...

I love reading about your progress. Isn't it wonderful how little things like $5 lights and a simple light switch can make us so stinkin' happy!

You are making amazing progress and will soon have nothing left to do. ;)

Gari said...

I am so impressed by what you two have done/are doing in that house. I know it is a lot of work but it is going to be wonderful.

Angela (Cottage Magpie) said...

So exciting! (I do actually find this very exciting.) So, now you have to post pictures of the tile options you're thinking about for the floor, eh? Along with pictures of the other elements so we can all give you our opinions! :-)


Miss Nancy said...

It is all looking good! Looks like you had some good help.

Have a great day.