Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A door...

You might have heard about the big snowstorm in the Midwest (and all points east and north) last week? At one house we had an official record of 11 inches. This other house is about 60 miles west and had 16-18 inches of snow.  That is just ridiculous...  Here is the road leading to our house.

And here is how you plow your driveway when you don't have a plow, don't know your neighbors, and call everyone you know to see if they know someone that knows someone that might have a truck with a plow.  I call it the redneck plow and here is what you do.  First you drive to town and get another snow shovel. Then you park the truck on the county road and dig the driveway out at the end.  Just a spot as big as the truck.. THEN...You put the truck in 4-wheel drive and start backing down the driveway.  You don't go slow..you gun it and back up about 10 feet, then shift into drive and go forward, then shift into reverse and go back another 10 feet..  You just keep repeating this until you get close to the house.  Our drive is about 100 feet long so it took a bit.  I stood on the road and watched and dang it the camera was in the truck so no video.  

Here are the tracks in the driveway..

And here is the front porch after shoveling... we didn't do the whole walkway, just a path to get to the house.

And here is proof of the snow... isn't that ridiculous...

Anyway, it was nice and warm inside and I got right to painting.  I will be ever so happy when all the painting is done.
More window trim...
But our plans were changed with the snow.  Our free help couldn't make it out to the house so we couldn't put in the kitchen counter tops. So we did this instead...

a door
a floor and baseboard..

a working toilet
a vanity with running water
and a mirror with lights...

It's our first room that is almost completely done.  I love it..  I need a towel rack above that toilet and a bit of something on the wall..and I just bought a free standing toilet paper holder to put in the corner..

We did get some of that trim put up... and I did some painting on the window sills and sashing.

And there might have been some pizza and cupcakes on Saturday...when somebody might have had a birthday..


Karen said...

Hi Nancy....yes, the snow is ridiculous! What an inventive way to get through the driveway! We do what we have to do.

Sorry your helpers couldn't get there to help. What you got done instead by yourselves, is simply amazing and shows how things are shaping up there.

Congratulations on a job well done. I know, I know, there is more to do, but the results of the hard work you've done are amazing!

Hugs, Karen

Lorraine said...

It must have been fantastic to have a room finished...and it looks fantastic....LOVE the lights! your before and after pics are going to be incredible...love all the crisp white going on around the windows...and that snow...it looks amazing....but I am sure it's not that amazing to live with after a while! Very inventive clearing of the driveway!

Pat said...

Your nearly-finished room looks GREAT! As for the snow...UGH!!!

Tangos Treasures said...

Ekkkkkkkk on all the snow? Too funny on your redneck plow! Yippie on the the almost done bathroom!!

Anonymous said...

Looks absolutely fantastic!!! Yes, I know all about that snow-15 inches at our house. Soon you'll have a new address. HeHe!

Judy D said...

Bathroom looks fabulous. Just needs some Nancy artwork.
Please don't send snow to the west. Really, I don't want any! Brrrr.
Little Missy in pink is absolutely adorable.