Monday, January 17, 2011

bathroom again...and appliances came...and went...

I have no brain left to name this post...I have too many posts named Bathroom, Bathroom revisited.. but that's what we did this weekend...

We started right in on the hall bathroom. 

  • drywall up
  • drywall taped and mudded
  • drywall sanded
  • drywall retaped and remudded
  • drywall sanded
  • bathroom walls and ceiling primed
  • bathroom ceiling textured
  • bathroom tile decided on and ordered
  • bathroom faucet purchased
  • Hardie Board installed on floor for tile
There were 3 little birds that kept flying down from the nearby tree to steal the cat food. I wish I could have gotten a better photo..  They were pale blue and gray.. I have no idea what kind they were..but they were fun to watch.

Lighting was also brought up to date this weekend.  While I was doing the mudding, taping and sanding, Rich went around and changed out the rest of the ceiling fixtures.

Yes, they do all look alike.  You can tell they are in different rooms only because the ceilings all have a different texture.  The drunk that built this house got in touch with his inner art self by experimenting with texture on the ceilings..

And the most exciting news..
the neighborhood dog, Cooter,  watches the fun

The appliances were delivered ..  Two very nice guys brought in a stove, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator...

So how about a little quiz??

4 big appliance boxes were delivered...

  1. Stove?
  2. Dishwasher?
  3. Microwave?
  4. Refrigerator?
Guess which one isn't there any more..

Got your guess ready?


Here's the story...

We are waiting for primer to dry on bathroom ceiling so I can texture it..when we decide to install the microwave.  We carefully cut the box away, remove all the packing, follow the directions...and the damn thing doesn't fit.   There simply isn't enough space between the bottom of the microwave and the top of the stove.. we have only 17 inches clearance.. I am tall...that won't work...  SO we took it back to the store, paid a restocking fee {sigh} and after looking at all the microwave/range hood combination's.. we bought a simple stainless range hood.  We use the microwave for popcorn, frozen veggies and hot water.  I think we will be ok without it...or get a small one for the counter top or my idea would be to put the microwave in the laundry room (right off the kitchen) on a small cart for those times we need it... 

And more photos...
The faucet for the bathroom

These are the shelves for the hall linen closet.  I sanded them and primed one side and after they dried Rich primed the other side..  I can't wait for them to be painted and put back into the hall linen closet.  We might finally have a place to put our clean towels and maybe the overflow from the little 4 drawer dresser.

And what tile did we get?  Stay tuned..

Whew...we are tired now...

Oh..I almost forgot.  Our second daughter lives about 5 minutes away.  Her Mother-in-law lives across the street from her.  Every Sunday her Mother-in-law cooks noon dinner for gazillions of people..  family, friends and I guess anyone else that happens to drop by.  Today, our daughter showed up at noon with three plates of food.  Rich had fried catfish, potato salad and salad.  I had grilled (outside, BBQ grilled!) chicken, asparagus, potato salad and salad.  The third plate had a piece of jello cake with whip cream frosting for Rich.  We were thrilled...and really hungry...and so grateful...  And the best part?  She said she will bring a plate every Sunday at noon...can you believe that?  I think our daughter and her mother-in-law are really wanting us to get this house done and us moved out there.


Judy D said...

I'm always so excited to read your updates. You have been so busy. I about spilled my coffee when I read "The drunk that built this house..."

Glad your appliances arrived and shame on them for their restocking fee! I'm not such a fan of my microwave over my range and wish I would have gone with the range hood instead.

Yeah for family that delivers Sunday dinner!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

The one good thing I can say about not having a microwave over the stove, is there will be less grease to clean! The bad thing is, I couldn't live without one. I make multi cups of hot tea in mine every day.
The place is shaping up nicely!

Pat said...

I like the idea of having the microwave on the cart in the laundry room, actually. I was hoping to see the floor choice...but I guess we'll see it next post? YAY about the food delivery!!!

Jean said...

So sweet of the gals to arrange dinner!
Micro wave... you don't need no stinkin micro wave... LoLl... yeah, that's about all we use them for too... oh, and maybe reheating left overs! No biggie! Besides, when I do my canning, I have to have room to put the pressure canner on the stove! Ours micro sits on the counter... such is life!
The birds are cute!

Deanna said...

Hi Nancy, thanks for stopping by my blog. It looks like you have your work cut out for you with this house! I had to read back quite a ways. We just finished remodeling a bathroom (took it down to the studs like you have) and it was a lot of work! I cannot imagine tackling a number of rooms at once! You are a better person than me.

Your daughter and her MIL sound wonderful! I think St. Louis got more snow than Central Missouri but it sure was a lot!