Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy You Near....

Did you catch that in the title...One of the girls used to say "Happy YOU NEAR" instead of the more normal greeting... We thought it was cute...

Hubby's work is closed on New Years Eve so we decided we would head to the house on Thursday evening and be there to get an early start ... But then I decided it would be more fun to vomit and then sleep for 12 hours.  Luckily I woke up early Friday just fine and we left early to have breakfast at Bob Evans...(I didn't push it though and only had oatmeal and an english muffin, which I didn't finish). Did you know Lowe's opens at 6am during the week? we stopped and got some supplies and got out to the house around 7:30am..

My job all weekend was painting so I got started and hubby started working on the electric in the kitchen.  We have new appliances being delivered on the 14th so he needed to wire the plug for the stove and the microwave.   Both appliances are located in a different place from the original kitchen and remember we had to add a wall because the previous cabinets were just bolted to the ceiling and floor and then a piece of drywall was pasted to the back?   At one point we had to go to town to get something..and this was the temp.

Look at that.. This is New Years Eve and it is this warm?  Crazy... but it sure was nice...and that blue sky is beautiful..

So this is what will be behind the stove... yea 220!  I don't have a finish photo, but it has been sanded and painted... ok.. I lied...I didn't sand it.  I just painted..  It will be behind the one will ever know..except me and you...and you aren't telling... right?

And he added the plug for the microwave inside the looks just like any other plug..

I painted..angel food is the color..I painted a second coat on the living room and down the hall then ran out of paint...but that was ok cause it's NEW YEARS EVE and we have reservations folks.. RESERVATIONS!  At the fanciest place to eat in town. We never go anywhere on New Years Eve. Never..  He He...I called to make the reservations and they said they were opening up all three floors and asked if we needed to stay on the main floor or could we walk the have asked to stay on the main floor.. not because of the steps but because of the waiter.  Bad..waiter..  He took forever to come to the table.  They jacked up the prices on the limited menu. My food came cold and had to be sent back... He never came back to ask if I wanted something besides water.  He almost "threw" the food onto the table. When he brought the "complimentary" dessert which was creme brulee he set it down with a thud, had the spoons in his other hand and plucked them down into the cup.  No plate under the dessert...just not what we expected for the price...  And no. They weren't that busy..  Our "regular" waiter was stationed on the main next time we will say we can't walk the steps...'s New Years Day...How about we celebrate by painting?  GAH!  I am tired of hands are cramping just sitting here thinking about it.  But it needs to be done and the alternative is helping demolish the hall bathroom.. um.. I'll paint.

I started in the master bedroom.  We had gone to get paint and I decided to change the paint color. again. I found a beautiful Benjamin Moore color called Gray Tint.  When it was mixed, the hubby said he thought it was too light.  The paint mixer said she thought it was very light...  um...ok... so what...  I decided to show them and went back and painted the trim that day so I could get up and see the color first thing in the morning.. 

What do they know... It's PERFECT...

It's the perfect gray..  Not too light. Not too dark.  Just right.

So I put the first coat on.. 

um... can you see what I see?  Stripes...  This is where it hurts that I didn't do something right.. Remember this photo?  I may not have shown it, now that I think about it.  It's the bedroom all decked out by the previous owner.  This is what it looked like when we first saw the house.  Maybe if you double click the photo you can look really close and see that there is wallpaper on the wall.  Striped wallpaper. Blue. Ugly. 

I tried...really I did..  I tried my damnedest to get that wallpaper off.  I scraped and steamed between those two windows and finally just gave up.  We sprayed a high hiding primer and they were gone.. Then after the first coat of that beautiful Benjamin Moore Gray Tint  those stripes appeared... YIKES!!  Now what do I do?

I pondered and pondered and guess what?  The stripes disappeared when the paint dried...  Yea...and after the second coat you would never know there is wallpaper hiding...  Go ahead...I know you want to double click and check..  I'll wait..

See?  No stripes... told you.. and isn't that a pretty color...  Can't wait to see drapes and bedspread and a floor...

So while I was painting...and painting...and painting...hubby did this... I won't bore you with words. Photos will be enough..

before..  he already took down the little cabinet over the toilet and the mirror

Yes, that is oak glued to the shower wall with mastic...

"go back and paint" he says


and after

that's a lot of trash

this is the vanity.  It's oak..and apparently there was another white vanity there and someone built over it with oak. And made it about 6 inches wider there on the left side and covered up the heating vent.  It's now free.

mess O'Electric

see that black wire.  it was just hanging there. oh..and it's LIVE.. don't believe me?

 That little gadget just paid for itself... sorry the video is's not sideways in the camera software and I can't seem to figure out how to turn it.

sink will find a new home with our youngest daughter.. She loves it.


After laying two coats of paint in the master bedroom, and the final coat of paint in the living room, hall and one guest bedroom I had run out of paint.  The hardware store ran out of the tint base.  So I cleaned up the workshop and started hauling trash from the bathroom demo and we left around 4pm.  Hubby is traveling today so we stopped at the bank to get travel money.  Uh oh.. he left his wallet at the house.  So we dropped off the dog, the cooler and the laundry and drove back to the house to get the wallet and back home.  We were exhausted and our knees were really hurting from sitting in the truck for 3 hours straight.

 Before we left we remeasured for the kitchen counter tops...I will get those to Lowe's and hopefully they will be delivered soon...

More painting next week.  And I need to do some decision making on the bathroom floors, shower and such.  We already bought the vanity...

See you next week...


Pat said...

I am getting SO tired from all the work you are doing there!!! LOL

Jean said...

Yes... I'm with Pat! Enough already... take a day off!!!
You guys really know how to celebrate the New Year.... LoL
It took me twice thru your video to remember what the noise meant!
DUHHHHHH! LOL Guess some things don't change even with a new year.
Rest up, lots to do next week end!

Anonymous said...

seriously...oak in the shower?? Why would they do that??? Yikes....