Monday, February 14, 2011

counter tops and a great lunch (with recipe!)... EDITED see end of post... didn't snow, so that meant that Rich's brother-in-law (the same one with the gross smashed finger) and  sister came out to help us put in the kitchen counter tops.  They arrived promptly at 9am and brought food...  Isn't it nice when you get volunteer help AND they bring lunch?   Donna brought Italian Beef Sandwiches and Cole Slaw...  Very Good!! And I tried the Cole Slaw. And liked it. I've never tried Cole Slaw before. I like cabbage, but didn't think I would like cole slaw... Recipe at the end of the post...for the beef...I have to assume that everyone else has a favorite cole slaw recipe, although I don't..

yea, a STOVE!!

the walls aren't instead of trimming the back of the counter top, they decided to punch a hole in the drywall and slide the counter top into worked!

the tools of the day

oh my gosh...i LOVE it..

left side.  See the bump out?  I need to find some the grandkids can have breakfast at the bar when they spend the night.  Or maybe they can come for the day and make cookies...or cupcakes...or teach me to can..which Rich thinks I need to learn since we will live in the country..

My BIL went back and got my sink, unwrapped it and I got to see what it will look like next weekend when it gets installed and there is WATER!! In. the. kitchen. .. no more washing dishes in the shower
or the sink..

Saturday was Rich's birthday.  I got him the  mug for Christmas and the shirt for his birthday..If you double click you can read what it says...or maybe you aren't as old as I am and you can read it without double clicking. If so, don't tell me..

And if you clicked on the finger link up there, here is an update.  Doesn't look near as bad.

And I painted...This is the crown molding that is in the living room and kitchen.  Because of construction that we have done, we had some to replace.  OMGoodness...we looked everywhere for this profile. Lowe's didn't have it, Home Depot didn't have it, none of the smaller hardware stores had it...finally we found it at Menards

Of course when we found it, it was solid oak.  So sad that I have to paint over oak, but it has to match..

I also finished painting all the windows, trim, sashing and anything else windows have...

And now for the Italian Beef Recipe....

Italian Beef
by Donna

4 1/2 lb beef tip roast
1 can (14 1/2 oz) beef broth
1 can (12 oz) beer or additional beef broth
1 cup water
1/4 cup cider vinegar
1 envelope onion soup mix
1 envelope italian salad dressing mix
1 garlic clove minced
1 1/2 teaspoon dired oregano
1 teaspoon dried basil
Place roast in slow cooker, combine all ingredients and pour over roast.  Cook covered on low 7-8 hours or till tender. Romove roast and when cool enough to handle, shred meat using 2 forks.  Return to slow cooker and heat through.  Serve on split french bread rolls and serve sauce as a dipping sauce. Serves 10
EDIT - Rich wants you to know he finished installing all the window trim...


Pat said...

LOVE that kitchen so far!!! Oh, I was able to read the shirt and mug without clicking AND without my glasses. (OOOPS...forgot that you didn't want to know that! Sorry!) in the heck did you get to this stage in life and never taste cole slaw until this past weekend?? That is AMAZING!!! :)

Karen said...

Love the kitchen!
Love Dad's shirt!
Love You (and Dad and Uncle D and Aunt D)
Don't love slaw. I would assume. Not that I've ever tried it (like you).

Jean said...

Too Funny.... The Shirt/Mug! Yep, I had to double click! LoL... guess I'm just one of the old fougies!
You sure aren't of German descent..
cause honey you would probably have been eating cole slaw since birth if you were! LoL... like me!
I must say, it was good of you to try it... I know a lot of people that won't try anything they aren't sure about!
The counter tops look great! I really like the over hang, too funny about having the grandkids come over... I just had ours over today to make Valentine's cookies!
We had soo much fun... ahem... except the youngest little guy... yeah... his cookie got tossed into the garbage when he was done fixing on it!!!! LoL... it was gross! The other two had fun and decorated cookies too! I will try to remember to post a few pic's.
The sink looks good too! You will have to hang before and after pic's in your kitchen so you can remember how much you accomplished!
Too bad I don't live nearer... I could teach you to can! Then again, I could still teach you... just lonnnnng distance! Hmmm, what do you like home canned? Spaghetti sause? Peaches, Pears.... tomatoes, salsa? Let me know... we see what we can do! LoL....

Judy D said...

The kitchen is beautiful. And with running water! You are fancy!! ;)
Love the mug and t-shirt (oh yeah, enlarged it to see) I love that the tools of the day include 2 coffee cups and a can of soda. Now I must dig in the freezer for a roast.