Sunday, June 19, 2011

more choices...

Friday was Ryan's birthday so we waited until early Saturday morning to get to the house.  Because there was an accident (and we were looking at it) we missed the turn off for McDonald's and I was reduced to eating cereal... 

This weekend was all about painting and some demolition and some more painting...

baseboard for the sun room

one of the front doors
 I also did touch up painting in all rooms...  Except the gray paint didn't match...  Turns out that I ended up with two different colors of paint so the master bedroom and the hall bathroom are the same color and the master bath is a tad lighter..  I know how it happened...and it was my fault...but it's too dang confusing to explain...

This weekend was all about the sun room...  We decided on paint colors...and finishes and lights...

sun room before... facing deck..
facing side yard... that screen door will stay and we will match it for the other side.

  Yes, we decided to go for a painted floor.  We are using outdoor deck paint.. it's a dark gray..then lighter gray walls and white trim..  We have black wrought iron chairs and that red/white enamel table will go out here..
we wanted a ceiling fan, but the roof is too low...or we are too tall... here is the new light fixture installed mere moments after the ceiling was painted.. next weekend we will paint the walls and trim and then the floor will be last.

side lights for the sun room. we bought two, one for each side of the sliding doors
And we have decided to have two old fashioned screen doors.  Nothing reminds me of summer more than a slapping screen door...and Rich will make sure it slaps shut by adding a spring closure.. and simple pull handles...

Then bright and early (6am) Rich got busy in the BASR*.  He moved a load of firewood outside.  He moved all the stuff off the bookshelves to the basement.  He separated all the leftover wood and put it either downstairs or on the trash pile..along with that brown screen door from the sun room...


the book shelf is demolished and sits in the middle of the room

The brick wall will be painted a creamy white..and a surprise is in store for the fireplace.

after...  the lower part of the wall had rough cut oak wainscoting and he ripped it down ..  the area from the right of the window to the wall will become a huge design wall..
Now to more choices.. .  We still haven't decided on a floor...It would cost as much to put vinyl in there as it would to have laminate...cheapest would be 18 inch peel and stick tiles... Any thoughts?  And after today, I have decided that my cutting table will NOT go under the sky light... I painted the front door on saw horses underneath it today and man that sun was HOT!!

And I need to find a wall color....

I am leaning towards the blues which surprises me as I have never been particularly attracted to blue...

And we found the kitties...well, three of them anyway.  They have been living under the house..

the gray one (in the back) already has a home, but the others are up for adoption if anyone is interested!

*BASR Big As* Sewing Room


Judy D in WA said...

More excitement for you! I so love your diary of this house. I feel like I'm right there with you, helping without getting dirty. :) Can't wait to see the fireplace.

And a BASR!! Woohoo! No thank you on the cute little kitties.

Tangos Treasures said...

Yippiee!! I love the colors on the sun porch!!
How exciting to start on the BASR!!!
Awww the kitties are too cute!!

Karen said...

Cute kitties!

You're making great progress and I have immensely enjoyed the ride. Looking forward to seeing the fireplace.


Linda said...

I did wonder what a BASR was, but my word choice was a little different from yours:)

Jean C. said...

Ohhhhhh the size of your BBSR (I do try to keep the language down a notch if I can..... LOL..... is great... I'm sooo envious... A place to put things and everything in it's place! That is a dream come true!
You were asking oppinions on flooring for this room... does it get cold in there in the winter? If so I would probably put in wall to wall if the cost isn't too terrible... or if it's not too bad coldness wise then put in the peel/stick and add some throw rugs!
We got some great p/s for our bath and just love it! And to be honest, most people think it's tile!
The kittens are cute... of course, our golden would eat them up... literally! So guess I will have to pass too. Sorry.... Put a free kittens sign up close to the nearest road when your at home... maybe someone will take you up on it? Good luck!
The picture you took of the door... is really neat.... what with the light hitting it the way it does and all. My in-laws rigged up a blind that goes over their sky light... so they aren't shining in on them all the time!
Looking good!