Tuesday, June 7, 2011

blue tape....

So what does blue tape have to do with renovating a house? 

photo courtesy of 3M website

I can't tell you how many times we have gone to Lowe's or Home Depot or Ace Hardware and bought "blue tape"...cause that's what we call it... blue tape.  It has an official name...ScotchBlue Painters Tape.. we just happen to be on a first name basis...

And just because it says Painters in the name doesn't mean that's all you can use it for... Don't get me wrong..It's great for covering the edge of the wall when I am painting the doorways, but let's look at all the other ways we have found to use it...

a lot of it ends up on the floor

to hold the bullnose in place while the construction adhesive dries

to hold a piece of flooring down as the construction adhesive dries

Because the step isn't exactly square (what is?) I used blue tape to protect the flooring...

to fill with wood filler

used a stain marker to match and the steps are done

I had to cut a very small piece of flooring and that's a little close to get my fingers...So I taped the small piece to a larger piece and then cut...

remember when I painted the under side of the kitchen countertop? I used blue tape to protect the new cabinets

we used it when we did the crown moulding in the dining room to keep straight on whether to cut an A piece or a B piece we used it again when we put the crown moulding up in the living room

and of course we used it to paint all the trim

and you can't see it here but that window over the bed?  Right outside is a dusk to dawn light and I blue taped brown kraft paper over the window to keep it from keeping me awake.  I guess it's time to make some curtains..
So how do you use blue tape?

And this is how hot it was on Saturday... in the shade...and the A/C wasn't working so we got the dining room step finished, two more coats of paint on bedroom 2 doors and then we came home Saturday night.  It was just too hot...



Tangos Treasures said...

Those are some good uses for that blue tape!!!

Judy D in WA said...

WOW, that's a lot of blue tape! The floors look fabulous!!!

I thought of you the other day when a TV remodel guy showed crown moudling that was reversible and laughed when he said you can still make mistakes with it, just not as many. ;)