Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It was a long weekend,,.

For those here in the states this past weekend was the unofficial end of summer.  With three days off of work, Rich got a lot done.  Me?  Not so much.  Without realizing it, I agreed to babysit the smallest of my grandchildren on this holiday weekend.  She came to stay Thursday night and didn't go home until Sunday night, so every day Rich would drive out to the house, work and then come back...  Abbie and I did some crafting, went to see GG (my mom) and did some baking..

Rich got loads accomplished...

He got all the baseboard and quarter round installed in the back hallway.  We are finally done with all the floors.
He literally tore the sidewalks out from the front of the house..  This is the view from the front door.  

And the view towards the front door... There were big concrete slabs found under the wooden steps.  One of them will become the footing for the new step off the new front porch.

Those are the guest room windows..  Well I guess one of them is..We just recently found out that our son will be moving with us to attend school.  So he will get his pick of rooms and then the other will be a guest room.  Need to decide whether to put the trundle bed or the queen bed in the guest room. 
Monday Rich and I got the ledger boards installed.  The front porch will be 6 feet wide from the front door along the right wall  and then will include the little niche on the left there.  One step down and railings will finish it off.

And I used some more of this...

To finish the Magnet Board in my sewing room.  I am thinking of putting a white trim piece along the top edge.. just not sure..any thoughts.  Yea, Nay...trim piece...no trim piece?  I will say that the blue tape did a great job...no bleeding so that line is nice and sharp..

And I did more spray painting on this little cart for laundry area.  I love the orange..
And I guess that's about all..  The weather on  Monday was fabulous..we ate lunch of grilled pork steaks on the sun porch...  I am hoping to find a nice comfortable chair and ottoman because I think it will be the perfect place to sit and stitch or read a book...

And the best news?  We have our moving date!!  More on that later as we finalize our plans..



Brenda said...

I think the trim would finish the board nicely. You guys are on a roll!

KatieKate said...

I'm with Brenda... trim. Trim even with the window trim.

Linda said...

Go with the white trim, make it look balanced, wow Ryan's moving home again. confrats on the date, don't forget to give me your new number when it's time.

Jean said...

I'm going to be obstinate.... no trim!......

Just kidding! I'm liking the purple/violet/lilac... oh.... then I notice again the color on the blog! Duhhhhhh!
Oh..... I have a site for you to check out!!! Go here

and check out a spider that she photographed! Look familiar?
Looks like you are going to have one bright and cheery laundry room! No laundry day dull-drums for for you!
The floors are looking good... and the porch will make the place look great too! You guys don't mess around do you? Once you get going on something... it's done!
Have a great week!