Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We would like to thank

view from the master bedroom

the following people...

1.  Our oldest daughter brought Bandanas BBQ and HOMEMADE chocolate cupcakes for all on Tuesday...it was really good and nice to not think about dinner all day while knocking out that tile.

2.  My sister...who made a wonderful dinner of lasagna, salad and bread for dinner on Saturday.  She drove 67 miles and it was still hot.  She served and cleaned up..  It was wonderful.  Although I am still bummed that she got there while I was (once again) at Westlakes and she had already had THE TOUR by the time I returned..

3. Sara our Realtor.. If you ever want to purchase property in Callaway County, Missouri please call her. She sold our house when we moved to St Louis and worked with us for close to a year to find this one. She showed us countless properties that we rejected for one reason or another.  She helped us look at the bright side when we decided to pull out of a contract earlier this year because the house was falling off the foundation and was what the Home Inspector called a "push down".  She emailed us within hours when she got notification of this property being on the market,  before it even hit the MLS (multiple service listing).  She even came with her hubby, 3 children, two trucks and McDonalds for the grandkids and hauled off the couch, chair, love seat and ottoman.  Thank you so much Sara.  We will recommend you to anyone that will listen.

And maybe it would be funny for you to hear the family observations.

daughters - both think it will be wonderful once it's done

one son-in-law thinks we are crazy and named the reno "Grandma and Pop-Pop's Extreme Makeover, Williamsburg Edition"

Grandkids -

Grace likes our "other" house better and why can't we just stay here or move it to the other place and when will the pool be ready to use?
Jackson thinks it needs to be bulldozed
Abbie loved the kitties and the flashlight
Owen kept walking around saying "wow, there sure are a lot of rooms"
Ava thought it might need to be prettier and wants to fish in the pond

Sister-in-law and Brother-in-law think it will be nice and sister-in-law gave me some good sewing room ideas

My sister thinks we are crazy but is glad we are going to have a guest room with a queen size bed and put dibs on it.

And my Mom will never visit because it takes her longer to drive from her house to my house than it does for me to drive from my house to her house.  Read that again and just let it sink in...  and she isn't talking time like she drives slower or I drive faster.  She is talking MILES, folks...MILES...  cause the miles change going east to west...



Sara Jeffrey said...


You are too sweet! I always enjoy working with you guys. Wait a few years, I'll be trying to convince you to move again!

I am happy you found a place that I know will be gorgeous when completed!

Leslie said...

Heehee! Your niece (in-law?) thinks the pics look great and connot wait to see it. I will make the extra long drive as long as you make the shorter drive to come visit up sometime too. ;-)

Lindabee said...

We used to have that same mileage problem with my FIL -- he kept insisting that we lived "all the way out there". Can't wait to see more of the place. Miss your other blog, however.

Winona said...

Sounds like you have a great support system! Winona

Miss Nancy said...

What great help you had on your first week of renovations. With that kind of help throughout the projects it will be done in no time. Wishing you the best and I know it will be perfect for you in the end.

Have a super great sewing and renovating day.

Pat said...

I wish I lived close enough to see this in person...as I think it is going to be terrific. I mean..a place that has a large sewing room with a view of a pond has to be PERFECT (no matter what the rest of it is like....LOL)